The Mediterranean diet has been known since the last decade as the most healthy diet. Based on the countries surrounding the Mediterranean, its food groups are rich in vegetables, lean meat, fish, cereals, and fruits which are also a helpful help on increasing collagen production.

Allying collagen supplementation with the Mediterranean diet can substantially increase the collagen production within our body. Here are some foods inside the Mediterranean diet that will help you on skin beauty, joints and mobility, sport and performance, and weight management and satiety.


Olive Oil: Although it can be used directly as a natural moisturizer, olive oil is the safest and most natural fat, along with coconut oil.

Like citrus fruits, olive oil can also help in protecting against free radical damage.

Olive oil can be ingested as a dressing (fish or salads). However, whether you use it as dressing or cooking oil, don’t forget to keep it in low temperatures.


Garlic: Rich in sulfur, lipoic acid, and taurine, garlic has some components that naturally help collagen fibers to rebuild.


Citrus Fruits: Oranges, limes, lemons, and grapefruits are a great example of how to increase collagen production through natural resources. As they are rich in vitamin C, helping amino acids converting into collagen, they are also crucial in helping to neutralize free radicals (unstable atoms that can damage cells) which can break down collagen in the skin.


Fish: Tuna or salmon, for example, are abundant in omega-3 fatty acid. This might be dubious, but our skin cells are inside a fatty membrane protecting the skin and giving it the structure support they need to give to our skin a tight look. The Mediterranean diet is very often consisted of fish, such as tuna and salmon, with vegetables aside in the same dish.


Dark Green Vegetables: Spinach and Kale are examples of dark green vegetables, rich in vitamin C. Like citrus fruits and olive oil, dark green vegetables can help on protecting the skin cells from free radicals, and they also have antioxidizing properties stabilizing the collagen’s break down.


Protein: Egg whites and meat for regular people and nuts as a vegetarian option, these foods are rich in collagen, lysine, and proline. Therefore, adding these foods to our daily food intake will increase and promote collagen’s natural production.


Pumpkin: Rich in beta-carotene, pumpkin is actually a source of vitamin A which helps on stimulate skin cells production. Pumpkin is also an excellent natural resource to fight acne scars. One of the most helpful ways to eat pumpkin is making a smoothie or just using eat as a soup base (instead of potatoes).


Despite all the options to add to our daily food intake, we sometimes know, due to our stressful lives, there’s no time to spend on thinking and elaborating those foods. However, we have a simpler solution for you. We also must say that if you could align our solution with these foods would be great, but, at least, try our marine collagen solution that it will help you increase collagen’s production regardless of your type of diet.

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