The summer is right around the corner, and with it comes the outdoor activities. Swimming, walking on the beach, surfing, stand up paddle, and much more. To strengthen your core, lose weight, increase endurance, or to stay active, exercising yourself with nature help is one of the best and most incredible experiences you can have alone, with your family, friends or your lover. We give you some ideas of how and in what you should invest your energy during your vacations time for better results.



 The classic summer activity is over often suppressed by your willingness to take a deep dive into the ocean. Especially in those crazy hot summer days. Instead, enjoy the sea and push yourself to paddle a little bit. You won’t realize how much effort you’re putting and how many calories you are burning. Moreover, if you do it with someone you can quickly put yourself in a healthy and fun competition while you are seriously exercising yourself.


  • The whole body is working out. Arms, legs and your core;
  • Nobody can see your body (if you’re more insecure about it);
  • Water activities burn more calories;
  • Spending more time at the beach gives you a glow colored tan;



Walking on the beach

According to the European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology, we can burn more calories in a sand surface rather than a compact like concrete. Have you ever saw the sunrise on the beach? Try to be there while walking on the beach. You can take incredible photos while exercising yourself through the sand.


  • Walking at 4 miles per hour on a sand surface will burn 590 calories;
  • As swimming, sea salt and the sun will give a perfect tan;
  • While running and walking on the beach, every time you get hot putting your feet underwater is always a possibility.
  • Incredible view




Divided between balance and core strength, the water-based summer sport is one of the most challenging and fun sport you can try during your vacations. You need strength and patience to be able to catch your first wave. It’s not easy to stand-up, but once you got it, the challenge will be to stop.


  • legs and arms toned;
  • core strength;
  • freedom sensation;
  • Stress relief;



Stand-Up Paddle (SUP)

 As a derivation from the previous surf, the Stand-Up paddle was born from the hand of surf coaches who were trying to watch their students’ tricks and movements closely. Therefore, they’ve built a different type of board moved with paddles – Stand-Up Paddle.


  • improves balance
  • easy to do
  • increases core strength and endurance
  • low impact
  • stress relief.During vacations, it’s usual to stop worrying about our eating and exercising habits and our long-term goals regarding our body and mind. We propose you not to spend your all time off counting calories and fat components in your diet, but these sports, as others you can find, are the type of activity where you can even realizing how exhausting they are. Concerning your health condition and physical preparation of all kind of sports and physical activities, don’t forget to drink a lot of water and warm up your body before any drastic or significant change such as body temperature when you are entering in the water.
    Water sports are perfect for people who are suffering from joint and bones’ condition. The impact is minimal, and inside water, thanks to Buoyancy effect, you are able to move freely regardless your weight or your mass density. Thus, no excuses!

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