Chicken is, as we know, one of the healthiest protein we can present our body with. Working within every season, chicken can be cooked in thousands and thousands of ways and is always delicious. With approximately 165 calories per chicken breast, the lemon, as an anti-oxidant component, can be your best friend by giving to your food an incredible taste and expelling those unwanted fats out of your body.

olive oil
4 chicken breasts, skin on or skin off
1 lemon, ½ finely sliced
2-4 sprigs thyme

Heat the oven to 200C/fan 180C/gas 6. Tip a couple of tablespoon of olive oil into a small roasting tin. Add the lemon slices and then set the chicken on top. Rub the head of each chicken breast with little olive oil and then season well. Squeeze over the juice from the remaining lemon half and put the thyme sprigs between the chicken breasts.

Roast for 20-25 mins until the chicken is cooked through – check by poking a knife into the center of each breast to make sure the juices run clear. Rest for five mins before serving.


Ready to go!

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