Having a snack is most of the times a pejorative habit. The word “snack” always remote us to something carb or sugar-based food harmful or, at least unnecessary to our body. But what to do when we are between breakfast and lunch, and our stomach is yelling and grumble asking for a treat?

With 160 calories per Avocado and an incredible metabolism increasing enabler, like hot sauce, this treat is one of the easiest and satiety fulfilling food ever.
We give you a healthy, low-carb and almost calories-free comparing with a salty and water crispy cookie.

1 Avocado;
hot sauce;
1/2 lemon

Skin off the Avocado and slice it into thin slices/cube pieces
Run the lemon juice over the avocado and top it with salt (at your taste). Drop
hot sauce over the Avocado.

Ready to go! Easy, Simple and Tasty!

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