As you might be aware, skin is a fragile and vital tissue to preserve the best way we can. Regardless of our age, our skincare routine and every supplementation we might adopt, having a proper and careful self-conscious behavior concerning our bodies are halfway to go to a healthier and long-term body preservation. As much as careful you might be choosing the best lotions for your face, there’s one thing you should keep in mind: how and with what do you apply those solutions to your skin.

As you might be aware, body massages, for example, are perfect for increasing and stimulate our blood flow. Through holding, rubbing, cupping and tapping, kneading, achieving pressure points or by having the effleurage technique our blood is stimulated. Therefore, it can decrease headaches, muscular tensions, or any other blood-related issue.  More critical than applying some lotions and creams into our body, the way we communicate with it, waking it up to promote and stimulate its internal features does all job.

Concerning make-up and skin care daily routine, women, mainly, stick to the product as if it was an essential tool for their skin problem. On the other hand, Korean culture is taking a step back into the beauty issue putting and transporting the way we apply skin care product as the most important thing regarding beauty secrets.

In order to get the ageless look as k-pop singers, Korean women are known for their cotton pads, which differs from the European and North American market. In South Korea, the concern of not having skin irritation and be able to develop the right and the most effective process of stopping aging signs, regardless of skin,  is driving women around the world to adopt the right type of cotton pads

Cotton pads are the most hygienic and the most product control application within the skin there is. Although you might not notice its benefits, cotton pads are more effective than applying any product with our own hands. However, it is imperative to choose the right cotton pad for the process. There is more than one type of cotton pads in the market that can be a little bit harmful to our skin. Therefore, there are several things you might consider before applying any product with a cotton pad.


  1. Natural Korean cotton pad rather than standard European and North American cotton pads

Choosing a natural cotton pad might not seem important, but the truth is that its natural and soft characteristics enable you to manage better your skin. As it is hypoallergenic, the risk of allergy, dermatitis and intense itching decreases. The difference between Korean and European and North American pads is the texture. While ones are working like a sponge, absorbing the product but being not that soft, others are fully absorbed and sometimes leaving lint full of dirt irritating the skin, in the way.

It is also the best option to spread the product safely without hurting or harming your skin, and without leaving lint in your skin.¬† Like a sponge, Korean cotton pads don’t break easily and are really useful when it comes to beauty daily care routine.


  1. Soaking the cotton pad with the product

Most of the times we buy an expensive product to be our daily best friend. Therefore, we usually choose not to use much of the product to save it and extend its duration. However, soaking the cotton pad with the product not only will help you spread the product easily but only will allow you to avoid irritation and scratches from an empty and dry cotton pad.


3.Spongey rather than fully absorbent

Choosing between a spongey cotton pad and a regular cotton pad is the difference between retaining the product in the skin rather than in the cotton pad. Consequently, a spongey cotton pad, as the Korean ones, and dabbing it on your skin rather than swiping will save your product instead of spending it all in just three applications.

Today we know that is not just about the products as before. The way we connect with our body, the tools we use to accomplish it are as important as the chosen product.

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