Working out is not an expensive or an only gym scenario activity that can’t be applied in other environments. Working out and exercising yourself is a daily-basis task that can be made everywhere. You only need time, patience, and a predisposition to start, evolve or continue your physical condition. Therefore, we found five workout apps that can help you achieve your goals.

1. Nike Training Club
This app has more than 100 workouts with trainers and Nike athletes helping you perform the exercises. From less than 15 minutes to a whole workout session, Nike training club allows you to have oriented and specific training according to your personal goals. With the help of Nike specialists, you can customize your workouts, challenge your friends and show them your results in an interactive and well-built app. Nike Training Club is free and is available for IOS and Android.

2. Aaptiv
With more than 2500 workouts, Aaptiv enables you to customize your training, assist workout classes, prepare you to the marathon, or turn you into a high-intensity athlete along with music playlists. Available for IOS and Android users (9.99 per month), Aaptiv, is your personal trainer and gym combined, wherever you’ll go.
Workouts can be configured for distance, duration, intensity, and calories burned.

3. Workout For Women
“Get Pumped, Lose Weight, or Get Sexy,” Workout For Women statement gives you short and effective exercises in just 7 minutes per day. Without any other extra equipment but yourself, this app combines workout sessions with calories management and weight control, and it’s just for women!
Available for IOS and Android (Free).

4. 7 Minute Workout For Kids
You want to workout, but you have your kid next to you? No problem! 7 Minute Workout For Kids will help you induce physical activity on your kids, spend time with them and work out with them in just 7 minutes.
The exercises are designed to build endurance, strength, and flexibility, using nothing more than your kid’s own body weight.
Only available for IOS (Free).

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