‘Sarcopenia’ is the scientific name for “muscle loss,” due to aging. Regardless of the amount of exercise we presented our body with, our bodies are, unfortunately, not ready to stay in shape, especially after the age of 30 with 1 or 2% muscle loss per year. It is more difficult to lose weight, gain muscle; our hair starts to get white, and our superior and inferior members are getting shorter as our noses and ears expand.

Having a healthy lifestyle is not only to have a beautiful picture reflecting in the mirror. Taking care of our body means to develop an excellent posture to decrease future back problems, build resistance to a long and well-trained respiratory system, and, in summary, create a kind of mattress for human body bones and cartilage. Consequently, our balance is compromised, as well as our ability to climb a ladder.

Staying active is the answer to continue healthy lifestyle to decrease the aging signs. Supplements, like collagen, give an extra help in fighting the inevitable.

Collagen increases bone mass structure as well as helps rebuild muscular mass in an acceptable scale. Improving physical resistance with a proper diet and exercise combined gives to collagen that extra power in achieving and set back the old and tired aged body.

As the years go by, the immune system, muscular mass density, and quantity, as well as bone structure are affected by many factors. Collagen is one of them. The protein responsible for aging and youth appearance starts to decrease its production at the age of 25.  From then on, without any collagen supplements, the body and all its constraints start to become a reality. Joint pain, Muscular mass loss, weaker cartilage and decrease of functional and motor movements.

Through the years, legs, joints and other parts of the human body are exposed to extreme strength caused by the impact of running, muscle workout, swimming, or any other type of activity. With lower collagen production, the bones and cartilage are unprotected. Therefore, the pain that comes along with muscle mass loss, is increasing.

With Collagen Vital Power and associated collagen cells production, the body will be prepared to maintain a regular exercise activity, as well as protect the bone structure for any type of impact or training.

Collagen Vital Power :

Strengthens your bone density,
Revives your cartilages,
Relieves inflammation and pain,
Improves joint functionality,
Develops muscle mass,
Favors mobility,
Boosts physical performance.

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