Eat the right things

There is not a secret potion or a set number of foods you need to eat to make you healthier and feeling better.

It depends on several different factors like your objectives, the number of hours you spend on physical activities, your body type, and others.

You may be trying to lose weight without being able to exercise, so you should avoid refined sugars and complex carbohydrates and eat more protein and vegetables. Or you could be doing a lot of exercises that will require your body some level of carbs to boost your energy and performance at the gym. Some bodies react differently to micronutrients, and the strategy to follow should be different. Some people have physical conditions that make it inadvisable to eat or stop eating some kinds of foods. Medical conditions such as diabetes restrain the choices of food. And some foods can help people with diabetes feel better.

Our proposition with this blog is to help you make the right choice, on a personal level. Help you achieve your objectives and feel great in the process!


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