Collagen represents 30% of the protein the body produces. Over the time, starting at, approximately, 25 years old, the body loses, naturally, collagen production. Wrinkles, less skin elasticity, fragile hair and brittle nails, are just an example of what collagen can bring and, at the same time, take. This protein is a natural supplement that won’t work alone without any other measure regarding body and healthcare. A proper diet, abundant water, and skin care can increase Collagen taking effectiveness.

Although taking collagen helps prevent and repair some of the previous damages there are other factors associated with a better result. During all of our life, our skin is exposed to the sun, which can deeply harm our skin over an attractive and delicious tan. Thus, as our face skin is more delicate than another part of the human body, its damage is, sometimes, irreversible. Sun exposure, lack of skin care treatments, and the simple act of cleaning your face every time you go to sleep are just simple steps to retard aging signs.

Collagen works like glue to hold cells and tissues together. Through the years, collagen production slows down giving you loose skin, age marks and lack of skin elasticity that we don’t care about when we’re young. As the first wrinkle starts to show up, we realize we are now fighting back on time!

Collagen Vital Power helps to rebuild and reverses the collagen cells production. Therefore, instead of breaking down the old cells, Collagen Vital Power is assisting in producing more new cells to fill in the spaces within dying collagen cells. Thus, reversing this order and helping the body produce more collagen, the signs of Collagen Vital Power effectiveness are consistent.
With Collagen Vital Power daily intake, the body produces collagen at a faster rate. Thus, it renews the tissues. All over the years, the pace and rhythm of collagen production decelerate giving an old, tired and unhealthy hair, nails, body, and mind. Rebooting the body’s collagen production with Collagen Vital Power, on a daily basis, our body will produce more collagen in a faster rhythm, without collagen injections or Botox interventions.

Collagen Vital Power Benefits:

• Promotes your collagen formation.
• Revives skin tone and brilliance.
• Boosts skin density, structure, elasticity.
• Improves skin smoothness and moisture.
• Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
• Strengthens hair and nails.

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