Paleolithic or Ketogenic Diet? What’s the difference?

Having a proper diet doesn’t mean exactly losing weight. “Diet” is the name we attribute to the type of food we eat. Everybody has a menu. Some healthier than others, but eating correctly can be an everyday challenge.
During the last ten years, it’s been an intense discovery of several different types of diets helping you achieve different kinds of goals. ‘Atkins diet’ to control the amount of insulin in our body. The ‘Zone diet,’ also with the particularity of establishing the amount of insulin, and, according to the critics, an effective way of weight control. ‘Vegetarian diet,’ ‘Vegan diet,’ ‘Weight Watchers diet,’ the ‘Mediterranean diet,’ or the ‘Raw food diet.’ The list goes on. Depending on the country, the culture, the goal, the effects and side effects. There are diets for every palate, tastes, and physical goals.
Today we’re going talk about two different and hot diets that everybody is discussing about: Paleolithic and Ketogenic diet.

Let’s start with the Paleolithic diet. As the name suggests, this nutrition is based and inspired in the Paleolithic era. With usually a loose weight or maintain a healthy weight purpose, the paleolithic diet consists of Fruits
vegetables, nuts, and seeds, lean meats, especially grass-fed animals or wild game, fish, especially those rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, mackerel, and albacore tuna. Also oils from fruits and nuts, such as olive oil or walnut oil. The goal is to return to a diet where according to paleolithic supporters, can perfectly match human’s genetics with eating natural needs. In other words, the paleolithic enthusiasts believe that today’s eating habits and diets are not matchable with human’s body genetics as the paleolithic diet is. Therefore, based on farming practices, the menu is biological-foods-oriented helping the body’s ability to adapt.
Avoiding grains, like wheat, oats and barley, legumes, such as beans, lentils, peanuts, and peas, dairy products, refined sugar, salt, potatoes and
highly processed foods in general. The paleolithic diet should be adopted, if so, under medical advice and, naturally, due to its lack of dairy products and fibers like vegetables, this diet, like any other diet, should be considered after teenagehood.

The Ketogenic diet, proposes the body to work under another fuel, rather than sugar, as the majority of diets do. Programming the body to burn fat first is the Ketogenic diet goal. All the sugar inside the foods we usually eat, such as carbohydrates and foods full of sugar, of course. On the other hand, this type of diet promotes a menu based on fat, increasing and replacing the main body’s energy resources to fat rather than sugar. According to its studies, this diet, based on low carb maintenance, as the body as lack of sugar, it automatically replaces its source to the fat by foods like eggs, avocados, meat, nuts, olive oil, and butter, for example. When the body is out of sugar, fat is converted in the liver into energy molecules called ‘ketones.’ Thus, that’s why this diet is called Ketogenic. Aiming for a 24/7 fat machine, this diet is usually related to weight loss.

Although there is a lot of different diets you can try, it is not easy to suppress the feeling of hunger that the first weeks of a strict diet can give us. In every diet, there’s one thing you can’t stop doing: being patient. Regardless of your goal, independently of your willing to change your body, being strict and believing in the process is not an easy task. In such a volatile, instant, and automatic world, I would say being on a diet is ever more challenging. Therefore, finding a natural way to gather our diet-driven mindset and a mechanism to suppress our hunger would be perfect.
To help you build the right mindset and to receive your new diet plan under the right circumstances, Collagen can be your perfect secret. Thanks to its satiety and fulfillment characteristic, being on a diet doesn’t have to be awful or painful. As Collagen is the main protein our body produces, it is wholly natural and adaptive natural supplement to add to your diet plans. Helping your body feeling satiated, protein, and especially collagen, will help you “fight” other problems than just weight loss or weight management, reducing daily food intake.
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