Aging gracefully is not that hard. Eating habits, sleeping, exercise, and a combination of being social with know how and when taking some part alone far away from your daily reality, for example, are just methods to improve your longevity and, of course, aging healthier and younger. Working population, for instance, underestimates the power and benefits of good night sleep. Engaged by stressful and busy daily tasks, sometimes make them adopt a working mindset without even realizing that our body and mind can, occasionally, send some red flags and “wake up calls” when not taken care properly. Therefore, it is essential to prevent and respect our body before it can have the time to ask us to stop, rest, and, in worse cases, “retirement” from every brain and physical activity. To adopt a healthy lifestyle to increase longevity and healthiness, there are some tips and tricks you can adapt to start, or continue, your healthy legacy.


Sleep, sleep, sleep

Shutting down your concerns and working’s preoccupations during your time off is a challenge. Some people are blessed with their natural capacity of switching off their working mindset, others (i would say the vast majority), are the ones who can’t sleep or rest without solving the problem. Sometimes it takes one hour, other times it takes weeks, but they would not be able to relax unless the issue or the concern is resolved indeed. The secret is to keep your mind busy after work. Emerging on that hobby you love, read a book, or watch a movie that will keep your mind triggered.  The goal is to make your brain tired, on sleeping time, enabling a quiet and relaxed good night sleep.
The benefits from it are incredibly worth it. Do you know it is during sleep hours that your body can entirely rest and re-boot its energy? Increasing your sleeping hours on an average of 8 hours a day can make your power goes up, and the stress goes down.


Eat like a baby

Eating every three hours, like a baby, will increase your metabolism and force your body to have a scheduled and respectful method to better function. Eating with this periodicity means having between five and six meals a day. The secret is not to overeat and avoid the “starving” feeling. When your body is deprived of eating for six, seven, or even eight hours, the sugar level pikes down. Thus, when your body receives food after that amount of time, the sugar level spikes up to the highest level storing more fat in your system. Drinking water during the day will also speed up your metabolism. Consequently, with this tip, you’ll be satiated and your body will respect its eating hours effectively. Remember, you need to push yourself into a healthier, consistent and eating habit effective process to feel your body processing and to work correctly. There’s a trick you can use to help you achieving satiety: Collagen, specifically Vital Power Collagen. With no side effects, this natural protein based on fish/marine extracted only from fish skin helps you feel fuller for longer.


Set Up your environment

Do you know the saying “out of sight out of mind?”. Commonly related with people, this proverb can also be applied to everything. Setting up your environment for a proper and adequate condition regarding eating, sleeping, and exercise, is the best way to accomplish your goals. For diet, for example, setting up the right environment means to avoid the presence of bad food in your fridge, storeroom, and your bedroom drawer. Again, “out of sight out of mind.” You won’t even remember those chips or that chocolate if you don’t have them near. The same goes to exercise and to sleep. Having a treadmill or a stationary bicycle in a room, you’re in every day will increase your changes actually to ride on it. We cannot forget to set up the right environment for our sleeping habits. Eating correctly, exercising ourselves and develop a brain activity along with it, like reading, Sudoku or watching a movie before sleep, will give you that resting and relaxed night sleep you eager. The challenge is to be able to build this strategy every day. But once you got it, it will be a piece of cake.



Skin and Body Care

Now, the fun part. Changing and adopting a new lifestyle behavior is hard and takes a lot of effort and time. Concerning beauty, it also takes times, but we get excited to see the results! Therefore, there are a lot of tricks to improve your appearance despite your age.

Have you ever heard about Collagen? Collagen is a natural protein our body produces which is responsible for the young and healthy look. Soft skin, wrinkle-free face, lack of cellulite, healthy hair and nails, and body muscle, bones and joints boost and maintenance. As it’s natural and produced by our own body, when the years go by that producing effect is reduced, giving us an older look and mobility. That’s why collagen supplements are so hyped between 30-year-old further. Even between collagen supplements, the most effective is the marine collagen. Extracted from fish skin and bones, this type of collagen is the safest in the market due to its absorption and adaptation to every kind of body and health condition. The benefits are scientifically proved and effective:


  • Promotes your collagen formation
  • Revives skin tone and brilliance
  • Improves skin smoothness
  • Increases skin moisture
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Strengthens hair and nails
  • Helps combat signs of aging
  • Maintains joints and enhances joint functions
  • Regenerates joint tissues
  • Improves joint lubrication mechanism
  • Reduces joint discomfort and inflammation
  • Boosts your mobility for a better lifestyle
  • Maintains and repairs muscles and ligaments
  • Helps faster recovery, enabling to push for harder and longer workouts
  • Rebuilds your muscle mass as a protein source


Give it a try and know more about it here:


Stress-free mind

Developing a stress-free mind is not a one day task. It’s a process accomplished when you put yourself first and every other concern in the bottom of your priority’s chain. Patience, resilience and believing in yourself are the three magic words you have to adapt to relax, think clearly, and solve all your problems. Knowing yourself, your limits and your barriers is a difficult challenge. Do you sleep over an unsolved problem? Perfect! Can’t you sleep over an unsolved problem? That’s the obstacle. What’s the difference between these two questions? The answer. Trusting and knowing yourself is, regardless of you might think, the most difficult and long-term plan you can have in your life. Yoga, meditation, and being utterly truthful about your personal goals can help you develop an anti-stress character to suppress all your daily difficulties.


All these tips balanced can give you an incredible healthy aging process. Sleeping correctly to give your body and mind the proper resting time is crucial. Eating correctly to increase your metabolism and developing a controlled method without starving is essential. Creating your environment to simplify and be harmonious with your lifestyle goal is a short way to go.  Trusting and knowing yourself is the kickoff to a perfect or, at least, a calm and controlled mind without disrespecting yourself.

Try to work on an improved version of yourself. Not precisely changing all your goals and trying to be someone else. Accept yourself and add some add-ons to show your incredible essence.





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