“Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body.” We’ve heard this statement over and over again. Especially now when natural supplements overcome the artificial proteins, some of us used to boost our physical condition. Although we can get access to collagen through food, as we are changing our eating habits, avoiding eating animal’s skin, fatty cuts of meat, and bones, the natural collagen’s supplements are increasing in a faster and higher scale. The direct connection between collagen and our connective tissues results in the best physical internal condition to a better and most effective sport’s performance we can have, by and through natural supplementation indeed. Responsible for “gluing” our bones, joints, and muscles our connective tissues are constituted over collagen. Therefore, promoting the natural collagen’s production within our internal system is the most effective answer to our body’s needs.

Physical activity today replaced the old-fashioned driven mindset of “losing weight and muscle gain.” Instead, people are not exercising themselves to specific goals, but to complement their healthy life with healthy exercising promoting a better and long-lasting life. However, regardless of our goal, post-workout can be painful if our body is not prepared for that amount of physical investment.

These are the main reasons collagen can benefit you from an enjoyable daily physical activity, providing sufficient dosage of 10 grams:

  1. Reduces inflammation:

By repairing the connective tissues, your body is prepared to exceed itself through a long-running or weight lifting. Every time your tissues are pushed to the limit, it is normal to have them a little bit swollen afterward. Thanks to Collagen benefits, the tissues are naturally repaired naturally.

  1. Boosts your muscle growth:

Gym lovers and bodybuilders are known for their incredible muscle definition. We also know that their artificial protein intake is a lot higher than average to conquer and built that strength image. As we are regular and healthy lifestyle adopters, collagen fits us better. As it is a protein and has an incredible tissue recovery property and promotes collagen internal production, Collagen is the perfect natural resource to (re-)give to your muscles that natural glow.

  1. Help minimize injury to the ligaments and tendons:

The connective tissues are made of collagen (75%). With collagen supplement intake you’ll be promoting its natural production in your body, helping to regenerate the ligaments and tendons. With physical activity, the tissues are obviously strained, and, eventually, if you’re in an initial stage of working out, your muscles can grow faster than the tissues can develop. That will cause you pain and uncomfortable injuries. On the other side, collagen can help you on giving your tissues the flexibility needed to keep up, at the same rhythm, the muscle growth. ¬†

  1. Reduces body fat:

First, Collagen has an incredible benefit that especially women are always trying to overcome: hunger. With a daily collagen intake of 10 grams, one of the fastest results you can observe is satiety. Furthermore, with your exercise routine and muscle growth mechanisms, collagen supplement is able to reduce fat faster than other products.


In a nutshell, , Collagen Vital Power is your best ally with its highly dosed and bioavailable functional peptides. This is the most efficient and safest collagen supplement on the market place to benefit you with the 4 effects above mentioned.

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