As collagen is not only used to fight wrinkles marks, acne is not also a teenagers’ problem.

In fact, Collagen, with its components and effects, can be the perfect supplement to avoid and minimize zits’ marks.

Acne is usually connected with puberty. However, depending on the type of skin, diet, and skin care, the surface can develop more or less oil increasing the pimples popping out.

This is how acne works:

Our skin is full of pores directly connected with oil glands under the skin. Making the connection between the oil glands and the pores are Follicles, small sacs responsible for building and discharge the fluid.
Meanwhile, the glands produce “sebum.” An oily liquid containing dead skin cells which are expelled, through the skin, by the follicles. In this process, small hair grows out of the follicle to the surface of the skin. Pimples are formed when the follicles get blocked, with a significant amount of oil and dead cells avoiding its natural process increasing under the skin. That’s when pimples are formed. In summary, Pimples are a combination of small hair, sebum and skin cells. As it is an unhealthy mix, the components, together, generate a swelling combination effect, under the skin, creating the perfect plug.

Usually more frequent in oily skins, acne can be different types of skin’s worst enemy. There are several reasons for this fact. The main reason is the production of androgen, a form of hormone produced by the organism during puberty. In women, this hormone is further converted into estrogen. Lack of skin care, menstruation, hormonal causes, emotional stress, or even greasy and oily cosmetics increasing the oil components over the skin. Usually, acne treatments are lotions and hormonal therapies that are too aggressive for the skin. Although there are severe acne conditions, the average and ordinary acne cases are treatable with punctual creams. The issue is its short-term effectiveness and the fact that it is the only one problem to tackle head-on, which means that to fight acne, other unconsidered side effects are dangerous for the skin and even the body.

How Can Collagen Help?

When we are talking about acne, our mind directly throws us into a teenage, and young scenario where we can automatically attribute this disease. Unfortunately, this problem can reach women and men at an adult age. Starting at 25 years old, our body begins to slow down some of hormones production. The ingestion and process of certain foods are not that fast anymore, our muscles start to shrink and lose strength, our hair starts to fall, our bones become weaker, and our nails break easier. As our ability to process and overcome some natural conditions our body suffers, supplements have an incredibly crucial role in helping to fight these signs. Collagen peptides benefits can assist in developing a healthy and preventing skin damages through rough times. Based on a long-term effect, collagen peptides can help, effectively, acne wounds and scars. Its cellular migration component and fulfillment replacing lost volume characteristics are helping on regenerating the skin over the deepest scars.

Making Collagen a daily supplement complementing our routine is not only an extra help to overcome skin problems and other punctual issues invading our body’s needs.

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