From decades, embracing natural grey hair was not exactly a sign of beauty or neither healthy or young appearance. Instead, having natural grey hair was very often a tabu topic among women. They would dye their hair in different colors to look younger. However, and especially in 2018, natural grey hair was the most popular option among celebrities and influencers, giving to this more than natural color status of grace, acceptance, and fashion.

Despite all the trendy hairstyles and grey hair colors, there’s one simple problem that is avoiding women to embrace their natural hair: the long transition between their only grey roots to a long full greyish hair. Like when men get an extensive haircut, most of them complain about that moment when their hair reaches a certain length that they don’t appreciate. To achieve the wanted hairstyle, therefore, they use hats, caps and other accessories to hide it. However, with women, there’s the same problem. Regarding the grey hair, we have to understand that for ages women started to cover their natural hair with brown, red, blonde, and black colors. To get women to embrace their natural grey color, they have two options: letting it grow and cutting as soon as possible, and, on the other side, there are some chemical options like highlights and bleach the hair.

Factually, having grey hair is a sign of aging. As we get older, the pigment cells in our hair dies and give to our hair that white/grey look. Yet, that’s not 100% accurate. Grey hair is not always a sign of aging. Instead, as it is a melanin condition (as our skin), attributed genetically,

As we are enthusiasts about natural resources and also solutions, we think that if you want to let your natural grey hair to shine, you should stop dying your hair.

Get a Short Haircut

Your roots are more evident in longer hair than in short hair. Instead of choosing a straight bob, try to select a layered option to disguise, as much as you can, the different colors shade. Find a length that you are comfortable with. It will be easier to cut it every month to match the initially chosen range.

Improve Collagen Cells

Whether you have short, long or medium hair, and whether do you want to put it grey, black or white, there’s one aspect about hair that is common to women and men at every age: improve hair growth. But what can help with it? Collagen! As we age our body slows down the collagen production. That means that our hair grows slowly and get weaker, our nails start to break easily, and our muscles don’t stay “swallow” for that long. Collagen, and especially our offer (check here) can help you with skin beauty, joints and mobility, sports and performance and also controlling your weight. Know more about Collagen Vital Power Here.

BuyTthe Right Shampoo

With the right amount of patience and the proper amount of dedication, this process will take less than you think. Therefore, it is crucial to treat your hair like a temple. Buy the right shampoo, preventing hair fall, for example, will help you get to the process looking really good with a shiny and healthy hair.

Choose The Right Accessories

Using hats is a losing trend over the years. Although it can be really cool, we shouldn’t be wearing them every day. Why? Because there’s a risk of not letting the hair follicles and scalp breathing correctly. However, every once in a while, using a hat can help you overcome that “no-day” and feel more comfortable when things don’t go your way.

Embrace It

With your exposed roots or with you full-length grey shade hair, just embrace what’s your and what is a process to be 100% natural.

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