Collagen is one of the most hyped words in the cosmetic, health and fitness world. As a natural body protein, our production slows down starting at the age of 25. Regardless of our gender, collagen affects both men and women equally. Wrinkles, saggy skin, skin marks damaged joints, weak hair and nails, and muscle loss. In other words, collagen is more than a beauty product.

In order to help stimulate natural collagen production, the market is now covered with collagen supplements from different resources: Bovine, Chicken, Porcine and Marine. The difference is considerable in customer perception and product safety. Marine’s collagen is responsible for helping skin, hair, organs, bones, tissues, and muscles strengths with lower risk of zoonotic diseases, such as bovine spongiform encephalopathy, transmissible spongiform encephalopathy, or food and mouth disease.

Unlike other kinds of collagen supplements, marine collagen provides between 8 and 9 important amino acids, such as proline, an oxidant component preventing cell damages, and glycine which increases muscle mass and improves glucose tolerance.

As it is focused on Type I and III collagen’s boost production, marine collagen gathers in its components a fighting, and preventing aging signs, from the skin, as an external benefit, to the joints, showing its internal physical penetration.

Promotes glucose tolerance: Due to glycine amino acid, new studies refers to the connection between marine collagen with diabetes. As lower glycin levels are one of the characteristics diabetics usually show, thanks to marine collagen’s glycin production, studies are relating these facts selecting collagen as a source of controlling and helping establish and minimizing the impact of lower levels of glycine.

Reduces inflammation: As a transversal benefit of using collagen, healing and reducing scars are more effective with marine’s collagen. Due to its cell proliferation into the bloodstream, marine’s collagen is the most effective on this specification.


On the other hand, fish resources are also reducing inflammations. Its antioxidant properties are avoiding the presence of reactive oxygen species, responsible for the swelling of tissues, for example.

Improves skin recovery: Whether it is acne marks, scars, or just skin aging, marine’s collagen properties (Type I and III), are more efficient than any other collagen’s resources. Promoting cells’ regeneration and collagen’s natural production, as a boost for our natural creation, marine’s collagen also helps on regenerating the “extracellular matrix for tissue strength.”

Prevents aging signs: Due to type I collagen, the marine resource helps on preventing, diminish and smooth all the wrinkle lines, expression deep marks, and all the skin’s transformations, such as saggy skin, and unglowing effects.

Internal and External benefits: Although Collagen can be associated only as a skin treatment or a beauty solution, the supplement is helping athletes, active active and sport-enthusiasts suppressing the aging signs on their bones and muscles, women in their constant fight with weight (see here), older men and women take a break and revert the aging signs, and much more.

Unlike other types of Collagen Marine Collagen is the “whole package” for an inside-out body solution. It is more effective, more natural, and safer. (see here)

All these benefits are higly achieved based on a daily 10g in-take, as Collagen Vital Power offers!  Know more about Collagen Vital Power here.

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