When it comes to beauty, everyone has it’s an own miracle cure, routine or special product that they swear to be THE answer. There is so much different information that you can find about the same subject that it can be hard sometimes to filter out all the noise; knowing this we went hunting for beauty secrets from celebrities so you can try out at home and see what Works best for you.

1 – DIY a hair growth sérum:

Model Joan Smalls says the trick to her healthy hair is a DIY mixture she does at home: Castor oil, coconut oil, and lavender oil, she puts it on a brush and applies it to her eyelashes and hair edges for extra moisture.

2- Smiling can be your biggest weapon.

This is a straightforward yet effective tip, smile! And don’t take our word for it, Beyonce says it’s her magic trick.

3- Don’t save where it matters

Kate Winslet says the best way to fight the dark circles that appear under your eyes when you are too tired is a good quality eye cream to use frequently.

4- Keep a clean face.

Mary J. Blige washes her face every night to be sure all the makeup used during the day won’t make permanent damage to her skin.

5- Jessica Alba skips her mascara sometimes!

If you want to skip the mascara application but still want to enjoy the impressive eye makeup, Jessica Alba suggests using a curler instead. She states that the use of mascara is unavoidable only in case she has some puffy eyes that need to be concealed. Otherwise, she simply goes for curling her lashes and brushing the tips with a mascara wand just a little.

6- Lady Gaga

Cleaning up the extra glitter is what we have to state as one of the basic secrets of Lady Gaga’s unique looks. For doing this she uses Sellotape that is a Scotch tape to remove all the glitter that might have fallen down on her cheeks after the makeup application.

7- Go Natural

If you are like Emma Stone and are “allergic to everything” try olive oil to moisturize your skin rather than store bought products

8- Keep adapting

Charlize Theron doesn’t use the same products on her skin for too long so that it doesn’t get too used to the same product in particular.

9 – Sweet and Fresh Lips

Mariah Carey says her lips are so impressive because she ads some mint extract to her gloss for stimulating and regulating the blood circulation there.

10 – Aloe To help Fade Scars

Pacific Rim Uprising star Adria Arjona credits her Puerto Rican mother for most of her beauty secrets. One particular tip that made an impression: using aloe to lighten scars. “Growing up, the only product I would really use was sábila (aloe),” she told us. “Because I’m a tomboy, I have so many scars on my legs, so my mom used to put that on me. It kind of smells funny, and it’s gooey and boogery and nasty. We would get the plant and use it like that.”

11 – AnnaLynne McCord  says to tone down your concealer.

“Use a concealer that’s two shades lighter than your actual skin tone and dot it under your eyes. It draws attention to your eyes and makes you look refreshed-which is great when you’re extra tired or have traveled a lot.”


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