Does your background or knowledge is fitness oriented? Do you have your list of clients but don’t know how to be socially viral? This article is for you!

There are a lot of people searching for mentors, coaches, or just an influential role model to help them achieve their goals. Split by price, visibility, core field, and apparently, the way they communicate, in today’s fitness world are the key factors to differentiate yourself from the competition.

I’ll begin with the assumption that you already have a degree and a fitness coach certificate. That will be important. Furthermore, it is essential you have built or have a significant number of clients or people you are helping out.


Nutrition and Business Training

To be influential and reliable within the fitness world, nutrition is essential to make sure you can offer the complete package. Today, fitness trainers are not familiar with nutrition plans. Being able to ally these two components can make the difference right away. I know it is a little expensive to invest in those two fields combined, but people are searching for someone that is “all in.” Also noteworthy is to own a business training degree or even workshop to help you make the right choices, know the market, and define the right price and margin for your business. Remember, “All in.”


Social Media

Avoided by ones but desired by most, social media is your online resume. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Linkedin are your business cards in a connected virtual era. Building a community is not easy. It takes a lot of work and patience to become one of the many “k” Instagram followers accounts. Starting with “word of mouth” within your clients’ friends, start by making your online accounts more active, publishing every day and follow other influential fitness personalities to have an inspiration.



The content you publish will illustrate who you are as a professional and as a person. Once, images were worthing more than words. Now, videos are more engaging than pictures. The content for fitness personalities should show the human side of it. Sometimes fitness gurus tend to publish images of perfect bodies, as their opinion about a standard society-demanding figure, but ordinary people are more interested in seeing back than photos, or real cases about weight loss and muscle gain, for example. Another great idea is to film yourself giving some tips and tricks or just showing just the corner of the veil of your intimacy. People relate better with something they know, shared interests and everyday habits and aspirations.



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