January and February are challenging times for our skin. The cold, rain, drier and dehydrated skin, purple lips, and cold, and dry hands are just some of the symptoms announcing the dropping temperature.

In the cosmetic’s world we, as clients, cannot even identify anymore what exactly is essential to our beauty routine or what is just a marketing move.

From eye’s lotion to lips balsam, hand cream or body’s protection items, with so many options how do we know concretely that we are investing in the right product?

Using and applying natural products in our skin is not just only an under the budget strategy. Celebrities, for example, are fans of natural resources improving and stopping some of the most annoying body/face skin problems transversal to every woman/man. Dry skin, for example. Julia Roberts is affectionate about honey fighting her dry skin. Jessica Biel prefers the avocado and Anne Hathaway is obsessed with banana.

With vitamins like A, B, and E, bananas are not only delicious but also really useful in home-made face masks. Rich in potassium, helping hydrating the damaged skin, they also have b-complex vitamins reducing the wrinkles marks. Bananas are the number one ingredient for those who suffer from dry skin.

Especially during winter, people who present drier skin can suffer a little bit more than those who have oily skin, for example. During this season our skin, regardless of its type, becomes drier and stiff if we don’t take care of it. Sunscreen, lip balm, week hydration, remove all the make-up before going to sleep and, most importantly, drink a lot of water.

Let’s learn now how to make the banana honey face mask:


  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 lemon juice
  • 1 spoon of honey


First: Mash it!

In a bowl with a fork mash the banana until all the lumps are smoothed out. As soon as you have the perfect banana paste, mix the lemon juice and the honey and blend it all.

The banana provides nutrients for the skin, the honey provides moisture, and the lemon juice acts as a natural astringent and exfoliate.


Second: Wash your face. Apply the mix!

It is imperative that your face is immaculate. Therefore, and to be sure, wash your face before applying the banana mixture.

This face mask can be a bit drippy, so be sure to wear clothing you don’t mind getting dirty.

Use your fingers to rub the mask onto your face and leave it for 10 to 20 minutes.


Third: Take it off and leave it!

Unlike other masks, the banana honey face mask does not need a bar of soap to clean your face. On the contrary, the goal is to wash your face with water to make sure you’re not washing away its healthy benefits.


And you are ready to go!

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