Aging is such a natural part of life as living. Some people seem to age better then other, they are more energetic, positive and healthy then others, and this is determined by previous actions on earlier ages. The way we age is directly related to how we live in youth.

Here are a 6 tips on how to age better:

1.Exercise as often as possible.

Exercise is the go to tip when the subject is health, being phisical or mental health. It helps you feeling hapier, it can help you with weight loss, it is good for your muscles and bones, it increases your energy levels, it helps your skin and it helps your brain and memory.

So it goes without saying, staying active is a vital part of aging well. The average woman can lose 23% of her muscle mass between ages 30 and 70. You lose muscle more rapidly as you age, but exercise – resistance workouts in particular – can increase mass and stregth, even well into your 90’s.

Not exercising while aging can lead some muscles in the heart to stiffen, particularly the left chamber of the heart, a secton that plays a key role in supplying the body with freshly oxygenated blood. Cardio exercise seems to work particularly well to fight this aging sign. Stregth or resistance training are great when it comes to preventing muscles from age-related decline. There is a powerfull link between regular cardio, like swimming and walking and a lower risk of dementia.

Exercise should be as much of an habbit as brushing your teeth in the morning, no matter what age you are.

2. Watch what you eat.

We are what we eat, we are constantly being reminded of how important our diet is. It is directly correlated with our appearance, health and our mood. It is important that we pay special attention to this part of our lifes.

When speaking of diet, we don’t mean restricting caloric intake to loose weight, we mean what you eat everyday to stay heatlhy.

A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and low in sugar is highly advisable when compared to a diet that is rich in fatty foods and processed sugars, which will leave you feeling lethargic and accelerate aging. Vegetables and fruits contain antioxidants which reverse the signs of aging.

Including good fats, such as ómega-3 fatty acids found in such foods as walnuts, salmon, and tuna are great for protecting your skin and making you look younger.

3. Sleep!

In the high paced world that we are living in, the value of sleep is overlloked, we are not sleeping nearly as much as we should. According to a study conducted in 2015 when compared to those whow had less than 5 hours of sleep. Women who slept 7-9 hours had skin that bounced back better from exposure to ultraviolet rays.

This show us that the more hours of sleep you get the more time your skin has to recover from the negative effects of the sun hence delaying the aging of process. It turns out the term beauty sleep is not a mytical concept after all.

While you sleep, your body will release an hormone that aids in growth which in turn restores collagen and elastina, which are the main constituents in the essential building blocks of young glowing skin.

Sleeping is an essential part of life that should not be undermised under any situation or any age.

4. Maintain a positive attitude.

You are what you think you are , when it comes to aging. Seniors who think of age as a menas to wisdom and overall satisfaction are 40% more likely to recover from a disability than those who see aging as synonymous with helplessness or uselessness, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association.

People who view aging positively lived 7.5 years longer than those who approached it with a negative attitude.

Here are 3 key finding from the study on aging held by TILDA ( Irish Longitudinal Study on Aging )  at the Trinity College Dublin:

1 – Older adults with negative attitudes towards aging had slower walking speed and worse cognitive abilities two years later, compared to older adults with more positive attitudes towards aging.

2- This was true even after participants’ medications, mood, their life circumstances and other health changes that had occurred over the same two-year period were accounted for.

3-Furthermore, negative attitudes towards aging seemed to affect how different health conditions interacted. Frail older adults are at risk of a multiple health problems including worse cognition In the TILDA sample frail participants with negative attitudes towards aging had worse cognition compared to participants who were not frail.

So staying positive is staying young!

5. Use sunscreen.

Made imortal in the Baz Luhrmann song, sunscreen is probably the most usefull tip anyone can give you! Too much time in the sun can cause wrinkles, not to mention cancer. But wearing sunscreen cal help prevent your skin’s aging. And while the sun’s UV rays do trigger vitamin D production, which is essential for bone health, that’s hardly a good reason to expose yourself.

Suprosingly, little research on weather sunscreen really prevents skin aging existed prior to 2013 – proving, at least, that sunscreen use slows or prevents skin aging ( except in hairless mice )

To assess whether sunscreen can indeed prevent wrinkles in humans, Australian researchers conducted a randomized controlled trial using data from The Nambour Skin Cancer Prevention Trial. Published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, the study compared 903 adult subjects divided into four groups:

Those instructed to apply broad-spectrum sunscreen to their head, neck, arms, and hands each morning (and again after sweating or bathing)

Those who could apply the same sunscreen whenever they wished

Subjects receiving a beta-carotene supplement each day

Those who were given a placebo supplement

After four and a half years, the researchers analyzed latex impressions taken from the backs of the subjects’ hands. After correcting for factors like amount of sun exposure and smoking (which can also prematurely age skin), they found that those adults who used the broad-spectrum sunscreen daily showed “no detectable increase” in skin aging.

What’s more, skin aging—such as coarser skin and more wrinkling—during the study period was found to be 24 percent less among subjects in the daily sunscreen group when compared with subjects using sunscreen products only on a discretionary basis. Supplementation with beta-carotene had no overall effect on skin aging.

6. Use collagen vital power.

Collagen is naturally produced by the human body. It’s found in our tendons, ligaments, skin, muscles, bones, blood vessels. It’s basically the glue that stick us together and allows us to have a normal bodily function.

Unfortunately, from as early as 30 years old we start producing less and less collagen ( 1% per year ) on average and we are consuming far less of it from natural sources. So supplementing the body with exogenous collagen is critical to your general health, providing you take the right dose every day. Collagen Vital Power proposes the highest dosage on the market with the 10 grams.

Let’s take a look at 5 benefits of consuming marine Collagen Vital Power:

1- Builds bone strenght

2- Improves Skin, Hair and Nails

3- Boosts Metabolism

4- Reduces Inflammation and Helps with Joint Pain.

5 – Superior Protein Source for Weight Management.

This can be absolutely key when it comes to aging better, you can get it here.

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