Concerning Collagen benefits and advantages for our body, I can’t understand why this supplement hasn’t a more significant impact and better media coverage. From skin improvement and extra useful help with playing sports, collagen it’s a natural provider to our natural collagen production which decreases through the ages.
Recognized as the “most abundant protein in our body,” Collagen is most of the times confused with other types of proteins, and that leads us for myth number one.

1. Collagen replaces protein supplements
Collagen and protein supplements are distinct types of complements. While protein helps in muscle recovery and growth, and the majority of athletes uses it, Collagen supplement is an extension of our natural collagen’s body production. As the most abundant protein in our body, by younger ages, this protein is responsible by giving us a youthful look. Soft skin, healthy joints (connective tissues), shiny hair, elastic skin, and muscle growth. Starting at, on average, 25 to 30 years old, the productions decreases, which means that our youthful look will be replaced by something more mature. In summary, collagen is not replacing protein supplements for a younger look and sports performance. However, its components and benefits will help you in your daily exercises routine, the goal of each distinct protein is entirely different. In one hand, Collagen promotes our internal collagen production, which will affect our skin and inner body. On the other side, protein will replace the amount of meat we should digest to promote muscle growth and recovery.
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2. Collagen is a skin product
Undeniably, every time we hear the word “collagen” our brain gives us an image of perfect skin. Furthermore, when collagen supplements exploited, that was the number one concern of its enthusiasts, especially women.
With science advances and research, Collagen was found to be an incredible help on our inner and external body and looks. Therefore, its intake in now related to a healthy lifestyle, a sports concern based behavior, and a long, prosper, and deliberative body’s condition.

3. Collagen Supplements is chemical medication
Although you might think, this is entirely false. Collagen is not a chemic pill you can take to miraculously reduce wrinkles or help you on improving your bones and tissue formation.
Collagen, as I mentioned before, is a natural protein that is produced by our own body. The difference is that that exact production slows down with aging. Simple as that. There is more than one type of collagen, as you can find in one of our previous articles
Another specification of collagen is the fact that has not an addictive element in its components. You can rest assured that collagen supplements will not destroy your life.

4. Collagen skin creams are more effective than an intake
Sometimes logic makes us settle on preconceptions of events, behaviors, and procedures. Fortunately, and regarding collagen, science it’s on our side. I have heard and read a lot of comments and texts talking about collagen’s skin creams. In summary, there are several platforms and “experts” that claim collagen’s skin creams as the most effective way of our body absorbs collagen protein. The reason? They argue that when applied directly to the skin, it will absorb better and quicker.
Expecting that a skin cream has the same effect as any drug or medical procedure is, not only an illusion, as it is dangerous. As we are always defending, collagen is not a beauty miracle. Collagen is more than that. It’s a concentrated solution for a healthy lifestyle that will illustrate a healthy body. On the other hand, punctual answers and miracles concerning wrinkles and skin marks, for example, can be answered but only surgically.
Taking Collagen and choosing collagen as an extension of our personal lifestyle behavior, such as sports practice, our diet, and our daily behavior respecting our body, is a choice.
Choosing skin creams over collagen intake is not the same. While Collagen intake does a unique set of amino acids, applying that special cream in your skin will not stimulate collagen production on a cellular level, as the molecules are too large to penetrate the skin layers. Therefore, the molecules don’t come through the epidermis, unlike collagen intake.

5. All Collagen Supplements Taste Bad
False, false, false!!! Although through a lot of years, collagen supplements had that medical and bitter taste, today is entirely different. Collagen Vital Power, for example, has a peachy flavor that can increase or decrease its concentration depending on the amount of water used to facilitate its intake. Used usually with water, Collagen Vital Power can be used successfully with morning shakes, meals, and desserts . Visit us here to know more about this incredible peachy-flavored marine collagen supplement.

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